New from Coach: The Borough Bag

coach the borough bag

I don’t think we’ve seen many new bag designs come out of Coach for a while, but the newest design to arrive at Coach for Fall 2013 is “The Borough”.

I viewed this in person quite recently and I have to say that I was quite taken by it. The lines are sleek and clean, the ubiquitious Coach logo is almost nowhere to be seen, except in a little stamp of the name on the front of the bag, and it is for all intents and purposes a very practical bag.

The Borough Bag will come in 3 sizes – small, medium and large, with the medium being the most practical for most, I’d warrant. The small or mini Borough is very cute, but can hardly hold anything. All the bags come with a detachable sling and a top carry handle and zippered compartments.

coach borough zip

The leather was lovely, it looked practical and some of the new colours are very eye-catching. I can imagine this will serve the needs of someone who wants a practical work to play bag, who doesn’t want anything too noticeable or familiar.

coach borough mini size


The Borough Mini is however, very cute for a casual sling bag. This is one that I think may appeal to the younger crowd especially the one that comes in a bright pink. The mannequin shows it slung for size so as you can see, it won’t fit very much, just your essentials for going out and about your weekend errands.

Yet, I can also see how this can be quite a boring design. It isn’t very exciting, not is it particularly eye catching. I don’t get a WOW factor, nor am I particularly drawn to this for any particular reason, other than its practicality and departure from recent Coach designs.

In fact, remove the name and the Borough Bag may not even be noticed nor picked up by anyone because it looks almost dull. Coach is seeking a revival and to target a new market niche with The Borough bag. I can’t be sure they’ll succeed but it’ll be interesting to see how it is received when it launches in Fall 2013.



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